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HSN code: C 16
MRP: 2050.00 INR
  • Our Rate: : 1050.00 INR
  • Weight : 120.00 Grms

Calcilox Capsule should be considered as one of the primary remedies for any and all diseases of the urinary tract.

• Calcilox Capsule is a remedy for all type of urinary complaints. It has calming and cooling effect on the membranes of the urinary tract. It increases the production of urine and is helpful in removal of urinary stones.

• Calcilox Capsule use dissolve stones, deposited in kidney or urine bladder. the complaints of repeated formation of stone is also treated.

• Calcilox Capsule is helpful in treating the infections inside the kidney and other kidney related diseases. It is also useful in the ston problem in gall bladder.

• Calcilox Capsule should be used to keep the kidneys healthy.