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HSN code: C15
MRP: 2050.00 INR
  • Our Rate: : 1050.00 INR
  • Weight : 120.00 Grms

Cardiorex Capsule is best for the heart conditions.

• Improves Functioning of the Left Ventricle.

• Strengthens the Heart Muscles. It improves Heart Functioning.

• Improves cardiac Functioning.

• Added Protection to the Cardiac Tissues.

• Prevents Thickening of the Heart Muscles And Thickening of The Heart Valves.

• It Prevents Thins blood. Lowers blood Pressures, Lower Heart Rate and Reduces

Cholesterol Level.

• It Makes The Heart Muscles Stronger.

• Improve Heart Performance.

• It Reduces Serum Cholesterol.

• Cardiorex Capsule Good for Heart.

• This Remedy Reduces The Risk of Heart Attack.

• Improves Cardiovascular Health.

• Cardiorex Capsule Lower The Resting Systolic Blood Pressure.

• It Reduces the Risk of chest Pain due to reduced blood supply to the Heart called