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HSN code: C01
MRP: 4100.00 INR
  • Our Rate: : 2050.00 INR
  • Weight : 250.00 Grms

Branotus capsule is a Tonic for the Brain & Nerves. It Promotes Mental Health & Rejuvenates an aging brain.

• It improves cognition and mental activity.

• It sharpens the intellect and enhances consciousness.

• Branotus capsule is an excellent herb when you want to enhance the speed of learning increase retention and boost memory; like in children.

• It improves mental clarity.

• Branotus capsule inhibits cholinesterase and reduces the formation of amyloid plaque in the brain which leads to Alzheimer.

• Branotus capsule relaxes the body and minimizes chronic stress. It enhance the stamina, Strenth and energy of the body.

• It calms down the stress and reduces the nervous tension.

• It also promotes a sound sleep and maintains a better state of your mind.